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4 Social Media Tips To Use In Your Business’s Slow Season

Social media never sleeps. On average, 1 in every 3 minutes users spend on the Internet is dedicated to social media and messaging other accounts. The slew of posts, updates and messages never slows down, so why should your business? Even if your business is seasonal, that is all the more reason to stay active online in the slow season – especially since your audience is still active on social media. Staying connected to your customers helps foster lasting relationships and potential leads/sales for next year. Yes, you might see some dips in your engagement, but trust me, staying current will pay off in the long run. Keep reading to uncover 4 social media tips to use in the off-season!

Build Up Content & Contacts In High-Season

Whatever season is your busiest, make sure you capitalize on it! Content is key to social media performance, so you want to show off when your business is at its’ peak. Take a waterfront restaurant in the summer for example. Snapping photos of happy customers on the patio with the water in the background is a must. By creating a library of photos, videos, customer testimonials and other forms of content, you are securing social media posts for your slow season.

On top of content, you should also be thinking about customer relationships in your busy season. Use this time to start building solid foundations with new customers and fostering existing relationships. Gather email subscriptions, new social media followers, and online reviews while you can. That way, in the off-season, you can keep them hooked with all of the amazing content you gathered.

Post Consistently

Just because your business is slow, or even closed in the off-season, that doesn’t mean it should disappear online. Your customers are still out there using social media every day, so it’s important for your business to get in front of them. Even posting a few times a week on a regular basis will keep your followers informed and interested in your business until next season.

Keep It Interesting

Use your slow time to spice up your social feeds and try something new! Craft a holiday campaign featuring a festive new menu. Think outside of the box to keep your brand relevant in the slow months. Take advantage of the library of content you built up and post throwbacks to make your audience reminisce in the good times. Better yet, keep them thinking ahead by letting them know what’s new and exciting for next year.

Plan Ahead

One benefit of having a slow season is the time it gives to plan ahead. Dedicate this time to planning social media calendars for your busy months. Social media is often one of the last priorities of a small business owner, but it definitely shouldn’t be! Scheduling posts ahead of time will save you the headache of scrambling last minute when you’re overwhelmed with customers.

If you need help strategizing, managing and maintaining your brand’s social media accounts, Mackay Marketing has got you covered. We specialize in helping small businesses get in front of their target market with engaging content. Get in touch with us today!

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